Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV Specification features, Reviews and price

Walton has Created a New Milestone with Its Most revolutionary and sophisticated Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV which Uses 4k UHD Technology.

Once you have dreamt of Curved HD TV. But it is no more only a dream. Walton has announced its latest Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV which makes your dream true. This new Walton Curved TV has already created a huge demand in the Market. Still now this is the most advanced creation of the current TV lineup available in Bangladesh market that comes with 4K UHD, the most stylish design technology along with curved screen. It offers a curved screen on 65-inch platform is the main attraction of the people, and already received a huge admiration from different levels of customers.

Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV Price

Walton has introduced this new innovative curve screen design technology with a view to ensure improved visual gratification for viewers. you can keep your Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV on the room corner as well as can comfortably have all degrees of output. This Curved 65 inch offers ultra-slim body design which is an attraction for consumer. Besides this quality has taken the Walton Curved 65 inch TV to another level. 65 inch Walton Curved’s high contrast as well as advanced color restoration will offer you extra pleasure to watch Serials, movies, sports. 65 inch Walton Curved TV’s finest energy saving technology will cut annual power expenditure furthermore the special screen design technology will keep your eyes from being over harassed due to light reflection as well as refraction.

Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV Features:

  • Resolution: 4k/2k
  • Display: 3840/RGB/2160
  • Active 3D Technology.
  • luxurious design technology,
  • Ultra-high brightness of 1000nits,
  • wide HD 3D area: 3.35 square meter
  • HVA technology,
  • advanced oversize display screens,
  • Multi-touch technology,
  • smart dynamic backlight technology,
  • Ultra High Brightness of 1000nits
  • Ultra high color gamut of NTSC 92%

Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV Price

You can not say any thing bad regarding Walton Curved 65 inch UHD Tv’s picture quality. Now you can enjoy deeper blacks with extra viewer impact. Besides it offers bolder color and stronger amplification. You May think why its screen is curved? If you seat before your flat TV keeping it in center, the edges of the TV obviously goes further away than the center meaning that distorting the frame edge. This consequence makes the corner objects smaller than the middle. Give main concern to the superfluous bold and stronger visualization, Walton has introduce this Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV.

Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV Price in Bangladesh:

Walton Curved 65 inch UHD TV price in Bangladesh is not still settled . Whenever We come to know about  Walton 65 inch Curved price we will inform you.

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