Vizio E-Series Reviews: Design, Specs, pros, cons, Price,

Though Vizio is a relatively new electronics company, event then it eastablished its position as a leading TV manufacturing company within a short time. Vizio TV Company is the current number one LED Tvs seller in North America. Tech authorities highly regarded both the Vizio E-Series and Vizio M-Series TVs and eventually controle the top sellers’ lists. Besides people praise highly both Vizio E-Series and Vizio M-Series. Vizio have many excellent televisions that can meet the majority of consumer requirements, for its well-brought-up and low-cost smart TV, or possibly for a higher end TV along with cutting edge technology as well as features.

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Vizio E-Series was initially come out in September, 2012, focused on the quality economy TVs as well as smart features which put on the market for the lowest possible price. But M-Series TVs that are quiet expensive and featured with higher grade quality, features, as well ass design. M-Series TVs beats the best TVs 2015 currently on the market.

Vizio has continuously released new as well as updated models into the E-Series from the time when it debuted, and product line currently features a wide range of TVs vary from 24 to 70 inches.

Vizio E-Series Specs

  • Size: 23-70 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz – 120Hz
  • Vertical Resolution: 720p – 1080p
  • Number of Models: 30+
  • Screen Type       LED
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • 3D: No
  • Connectivity: 2 – 4 HDMI, 1 Ethernet, 1 Digital Optical (most models), 1-2 USB 2.0, Built in WiFi, 1 RF in OR 1 Tuner in, 1 Component/Composite
  • Amazon Rating: 4.1 to 4.3 out of 5

Vizio E-Series Strengths:

  • Excellent value – often the cheapest smart LED TV available in a certain size range
  • Excellent picture quality – although being a “inexpensive” option, they carry out well in all essential categories
  • Excellent company support – Vizio has released continuous updates to recover or repair existing issues

Vizio E-Series Weaknesses:

  • Besides the latest 2014 models, the smart interface is fairly old
  • Black levels as well as color accuracy are not on balance with older generation 2013 plasmas
  • Insignificant motion handling as well as color accuracy issues

Vizio E-Series Design

We believe aesthetics as well as design to be a minor concern to the actual performance, and chances are if you are looking for a budget TV, hope you agree with us — particularly if not having the slickest looking electrical device means you save a little money. The new E-Series TVs have a reasonably plain look to them.

The bezel is a half inch thick, linking to a plain non silky black, and sits atop a plain square black stand. One thing significance pointing out is that some of the older E-Series units employ direct LED back lighting and need the frame to be bulkier to house the machinery. Some of the older generation E series TVs are thick over 3 inches, that might be perceptible if you wish for wall mount your TV. Recent Vizio’s E-Series TVs included edge lit LED lighting along with local dimming, and as thin as the M-Series TVs. Most of the E-Series TVs include the non swiveling square stand, except a few others offer a triangle prop stand like the 24 inch model, making it perfect for a kitchen countertop or office desk.

The original 2014 “B” models gave their preceding generation complements a slight design renovate, with the bezel being compact to .4″ wide.

Vizio E-Series Reviews: Design, Specs, pros, cons, Price

Vizio E-Series Technical Specs

The main reason why we are an E-Series fan is that these TVs carry out far better than what their price tags recommend. If you are a videophile drip who plans to really pinch advanced settings on your TV, then you will discover a few places where one of these TVs will fall short to a competitor. However, to the greater part, these TVs will look as well as perform enormous right out of the box.

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How Good is The Vizio E-Series Picture Quality

Tech authorities collectively agree that Vizio E-Series picture quality is excellent, overall, particularly considering how inexpensive these TVs are contrasted to competitors. As anticipated, they do also fall fairly short in certain cases, which is to be predictable for any economy TV series line.

  • – Excellent uniformity, black levels, along with brightroom performance. Uncertain that the latest models attain the quality of earlier leading retired Panasonic plasmas.
  • – Excellent color accuracy, however a bit muddy shadow detail
  • – Excellent color accuracy as well as rendering. trivial motion blurring with higher paced scenes
  • – Excellent uniformity as well as color accuracy which doesn’t falter as the TVs find bigger in size.

Vizio E-Series Picture Quality Metrics

  • Black levels: Excelent
  • Contrast ratio: Good
  • Color accuracy: Good
  • Uniformity & viewing angle: Excelent
  • Bright light performance: Excelent
  • Video processing: Great

How Good is the Vizio E-Series 3D?

Except a couple of the earlier generation models, the Vizio E-Series does not come with 3D capacities. None of the Vizio 2014 models have it either, so it’s actually not worth discussion here. If you’re interested in 3D, look into our alternative prescrived at the end.

How good is The Vizio E-Series Build in Sound?

While it comes to TV sound, we say the similar thing in almost all reviews we write, with a few rare exceptions: Sound is not even worth considering while choosing a new TV. Decent speakers just do not fit in a flat screen TV, moreover even a dirt cheap 2.1 detach sound system will be superior than the most “cutting edge” TV speakers. Any well-mannered sized TV that’s going to be the attraction of your entertainment system should have a detach sound system to do it fairness.

Vizio E-Series Reviews

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How Good is The Vizio E-Series Connectivity?

Vizio E-Series doesn’t lack any significant inputs as well as outputs that you’d anticipate any recent TV to have, however due to such large variety within the E-Series, a few models have a low number of inputs – as for example the smaller Vizio TVs only have one HDMI plus USB slot. View our individual model reviews for more details.

Vizio E-Series Features

Proceeding to the release of the 2014 models, E-Series TVs came with the earlier generation Vizio Internet Apps suite. It was first release in 2010, and at this point is a bit dated, however it still has all of the necessary features that the standard person would desire. This article is soon to be outdated, although, since Vizio determined to upgrade the 2014 E-Series TVs to have Internet Apps Plus, which is Vizio’s newest generation smart TV interface. This is what’s currently featured on their M-Series TVs.

Vizio E-Series User Interface

Internet Apps plus is a concrete platform, improving upon its ancestor with a better, more responsive widget outline, a lower “quick access” banner, and an app for smart phone and tablet integration. It provides all the boilerplate features a smart TV supposed to have, like social media integration, streaming integration to services like Netflix and Hulu, an on demand content section, as well as a wide selection of popular apps. It is not quite on par with Samsung’s outstanding Smart Hub interface, however it’s decent overall.

Vizio E-Series Controls and Interactivity

Revamping the remote is a different thing Vizio did with it’s new 2014 E models. It’s much alike to the current M-Series remote that was simplified down a bit. One gripe we had among the old E-Series remote was that there was not a backlight, which they added to this latest remote. Amusingly enough they omitted the QWERTY keyboard this time just about, which used to be on the backside of the earlier generation remote.


If saving money is of main concern to you, than a Vizio E-Series TV is the best choice. Not only is it naturally the cheapest option at several size tiers, although it is also a strong opponent to other TVs that are much more luxurious. The 2014 releases do an excellent job of not “fixing something that isn’t wrecked” by keeping the prices nice as well as low and incorporating a few prominent improvements on their predecessors. Our only condition is that you might want to spend in a higher quality TV for the long run –just keep in mind that what you choose will expected be used for at least a few years.

Other Similar TV Recommendations

For a Better Value: Honestly speaking, the Vizio E-Series can not be beat from a cost perspective, particularly since the new 2014 models remain low-priced. yet, if you are willing to pay out a little more for better quality, the higher Vizio M-Series will be more than worth the additional money.

For Better Picture Quality: It’s a shame that Panasonic has stopped it’s Plasma, as they are actually still going to be the finest looking TVs on the market right now. If you can get an ST60 TV for a good price, absolutely consider snagging it whilst you can. yet, Samsung’s top level F800 LED as well as F8500 Plasma are still going strong as well as reign king in the quality branch.

For Better Features and Design: Like we said previously, Samsung is absolutely the way to go. We won’t lie – they are more luxurious, although their smart interface is the best on the market in our belief. They look super cool.

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