New Technology to Increase Internet Speed in Bangladesh

Low internet speed is a matter of concern in Bangladesh. This is the time when World Technology is advancing to 5G and 4G is available in so many countries, the people of Bangladesh are till now trying to be happy with 3G but it is a matter of sorrow that the speed is not satisfactory as a 3G network supposed to be.

Ericson, a telecommunication technology builders company, is offering a new technology to balance proper speed with these new technologies to Bangladeshi operators.


To solve mobile internet low speed and network problem in highest monuments and buildings, Ericson has created a new device named “Radio dot”. Bangladeshi telecom operators can easily solve low speed internet and network problem in the highest monuments and buildings by using this device. Ericson has opened this Radio dot device in recently held Mobile World Congress.

Raz, management director of Ericson Bangladesh, said that Bangladeshi operators will get this technology by July, 2015. But he did not want to mention by which operator this technology will come in Bangladesh.

This technology will develop apps coverage beside the network system of the operators which can easily be installed and system can also be developed very soon.

The device looks like an electric bulb. Operators will rescue themselves of the disgusting situation of using antenna and a huge number of cables. It will better perform than earlier only by setting up LAN line.

Raz, management director Ericson Bangladesh, said, “ The most challenging situation in data network system for the operators is to install technology within very short time and to provide it to the users. They can provide the aid to many users and rescue them from sufferings by using this device.
He also said, “Radio dot will assure the operators to proceed to 5G network, because IP Blackhole has been set up with Ericson Router6000 in this device. This will develop 50% of network system.”