LG 50PB6650 Reviews: 50 Inch 1080p Smart Plasma TV

At present, Best Plasma TVs in the markets started to be windswept by LED TVs. The only reason to buy plasma TV is about their astonishing picture quality but with more reasonable price. The strong site of plasma TV is, it’s fast motion clarity, black level along with side viewing angle as well as LG 50PB6650 one of the latest LG Televisions. In contrast, to get LED TV with just about the same picture quality as plasma TV, you have to spend your money more times. The weak spot of plasma TV, besides its technology is ancient; it is more extravagant of energy as well as dimmer than LED TV, so it is not appropriate for light unrestrained room.

LG 50PB6650 Reviews

Best Plasma TVs LG 50PB6650 Reviews

Picture Quality

Please look into the LG 50PB6650 Review about its picture quality in here. The picture quality is the strongest site of LG 50 Plasma TV. If you compare to LED TVs in its price range, this is better. The black level of the picture which displayed on the screen of 50PB6650 looks darker than most of the LED TVs and this will create the color which appears looks more perfect as well as realistic. However to get the perfect result, you need to place it on the light controlled room. That is why the picture displayed on the screen of LG50PB6650 doesn’t appear great in the store, particularly about its brightness.

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Motion Clarity

LG 50PB6650 offers 600 Hz refresh rate so that it can processing fast moving images and the result is extremely perfect. The fast motion picture which displayed on the screen of 50PB6650 looks smoothly and clearly as well as virtually no motion blur. It gives benefits for you at the time of viewing your favorite live sports. If you compared to LED TVs in its price range, it is the best choice.

Side Viewing Angle

Plasma TVs including this 50PB6650 has no issue about Side Viewing Angle but all LED TVs including all high class LED TVs have problem with Side Viewing Angle. There are no contrast as well as color degradation yet if the viewers come from exceedingly side viewing angle. In this point LG 50PB6650 TVs cannot be beaten by LED TVs. Some high class models of LED TVs is prepared with the technology that specifically designed for improving side viewing angle including LG with the IPS panel, but yet now plasma TV is still better.


Smart TV Platform

Please look into the LG 50PB6650 Review to know about its smart TV performance in here. For Smart TV platform LG 50PB6650 doesn’t offers WebOS operating system, the most superior smart TV platform of LG. It just focuses on the apps based streaming contents. Of course, it is a big defeat of 50PB6650 as LG Smart TV. But this fact is fairly attractive considering the most apply of Smart TV apps is interrelated to Video Streaming. In favor of that, LG 50PB6650 offers you access to premium VoD that is Video on Demand, Service together with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and so on. For streaming contents, it is better than the last year models. Perhaps buffering problem cannot be entirely solved, because in reality this is the complex issue. Besides depend on interior equipment of Smart TV, it also depends on the speed of your internet connection as well as the server of contents providers.

LG 50PB6650 Specs and Features

Screen Size: 49.9”

Item Weight: 54.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 46.1 x 12.4 x 29.8 inches

Resolution: 1080p

Refresh Rate: 600 Hz (600 HZ Max Sub Field Driving)

Picture Engine: Triple XD Engine

Smart TV Features: Premium VOD Services, MHL

Speaker System: 2 Channel

Audio Output Power: 20 Watt


USB: 3

The Pros

  • It offers cheap price
  • Miraculous Picture Quality along with deeper black level as well as more realistic color
  • Accurate motion clarity for live sports and fast action movies
  • Extraordinary Side viewing angle performance
  • Abundance picture settings modes provided

The Cons

  • Lack 3D ability
  • Very Poor performance for bright room
  • Lack magic remote like most of LG Smart TV

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Overall Review

LG 50PB6650 offers considerably cheap price, great screen size as well as picture quality, but for its perfect performance, it should be placed in the light controlled room. Side Viewing Angle, Fast Motion Clarity is perfectly perfect. Although the black level of the picture displayed on the screen of 50PB6650 is not as black as its previous series or can be said standard for plasma TV, however it is better than LED TVs in its price range.

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