Google Chromecast review: simple, fast internet TV

Google’s media adapter plugs directly into your TV to stream YouTube, Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Chromecast is a smart Google’s media streaming stick which plugs straight into a TV.

Google Chromecast is a small dongle which plugs into a spare HDMI slot on your TV to stream media from the internet to the TV screen using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer as a remote.

The mini stick needs a connection to a Wi-Fi network, and is powered via USB like most other smartphones and tablets. It allows to stream content like Netflix, YouTube and the BBC iPlayer directly from the internet using Android phones, iPhone, iPad or other computer as a remote.

Google ChromecastGoogle Chromecast generally looks like a thick USB flash drive which is discreet and is considered to be plugged behind a TV. It comes with a USB power adapter, however can be powered straightly by USB ports on most of the TVs, saving the necessity for an additional power plug.

Setting up the Chromecast is simple and effortless. An app called Chromecast is existing for iOS or Android which connects to the streaming stick through Wi-Fi and allows you to organize the settings for home Wi-Fi network. Then, the Chromecast automatically logs on to the internet using Wi-Fi and waits until you command it to do anything with one of your another devices.

Simple to use

Unlike other set top boxes or streaming devices, like the Apple TV or Roku, Chromecast performs like a window via which you broadcast media. It is simply a receiver and has no real boundary of its own to navigate around, only reliant on the commands from your pc, smartphone or tablet.

That lack of buttons or menus makes it very simple to use. Find the content you desire to watch, be it a Netflix or iPlayer or YouTube video or musics from Google Play Music and strike the broadcast to Chromecast button.

Some apps like Plex, support streaming media from a network connected with computer, while others allow users to stream media directly from either a tablet or a PC to the Chromecast.

The Chromecast’s size is like chunky USB flash drive.

Chromecast does everything very well whether it is Netflix or YouTube or BBC iPlayer Google Play or RealPlayer Cloud.

The Chromecast is capable of mirroring a Chrome browser window from a PC, however, that makes it possible to display video from unsupported services or anything else that can be watched in Chrome on the TV.

In fact, the quality of video is low and the display can be lagged and skip frames, so it is not a real substitute to a dedicated streaming app for things similar to 4oD.

Google Chromecast Price

At 34.99 $ , the Chromecast is currently one of the cheapest streaming alternative. Its price is very low compared to Roku’s Streaming Stick or Apple’s Apple TV.


1. Comparatively Less expensive ($35) compared to others like Roku or Apple TV

2. Trouble-free to setup (takes maximum 5 min)

3. Can manage using several devices like smartphone, Laptop, PC, tablet on numerous platforms like iOS or Android or Windows)

4. Can stream everything on the Chrome browser (copying what’s on the screen)

5. Can sign up multiple play stuffs

6. Doesn’t put away battery of the smartphone (commence streaming and move on to do any other things or yet put the phone in suspension mode.

7. 3rd party apps will keep on to make this device more functional and will finally allow streaming of everything on the Computer or phone to the TV

8. Tiny trace that can simply hide away in behind the TV (if the TV has a USB slot, then the device can be powered via a USB cable without a power supply linked to the wall passage)

9. Can connect it to any audio device or receiver and stream Spotify/Pandora constantly without opening the TV- which is a very special feature!

10. No extra service charge or subscription bill other than services that you choose to pay for (for instance Netflix or Google Play)


1. Doesn’t support any local media storage directly (you can connect the media storage to your PC/laptop or smartphone and stream from there if require)

2. No remote controller is there (you can use your PC/laptop/smartphone as a remote)

3. … can’t imagine of any more cons!

Would I recommend you to buy Google Chromecast? Certainly, Yes. . It Can stream everything on the Chrome browser, Can sign up multiple play stuffs and Can connect it to any audio device. Then Why not Google Chromecast at such a low price. It’s now available only at $34.99. Aren’t you buying one ?